GfSE Online-Seminar: Improving Model Quality through Automatic Validation

Bremen - 23. September 2020 - This presentation will explore the use of validation rules in MagicDraw and Rhapsody to improve model quality and enforce style guidelines.  It will also showcase the level of behavioral, structural, and parametric synchronization that is possible when rules are used to identify gaps and inconsistencies in a system model.  The use of a model-based style guide will be discussed, lessons learned from a graduate-level SysML modeling course will be shared, and a preview of a newly created profile to support security classification and data rights will be presented.


Michael J. Vinarcik, ESEP-Acq, FESD has 30 years of automotive and defense engineering experience with an emphasis on systems, quality, value, and metallurgical engineering.  He is a regular presenter at conferences and is the author of numerous papers and book chapters.  Michael holds multiple professional certifications, is a licensed Professional Engineer, and is the president and founder of Sigma Theta Mu, the systems honor society. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Detroit Mercy and a visiting professor at CIDESI (Mexico City); he has also held multiple state, local, and international professional society leadership positions throughout his career and is the current Treasurer for the International Council on Systems Engineering.

As a chief systems engineer in SAIC’s Solutions & Technology Group, Michael assists with the development of SAIC’s digital engineering capability, SysML style guide, and training materials to grow our cadre of systems modelers. He runs a working group for modeling practitioners and assists individuals seeking systems modeling certifications.


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