Online Seminar am 03.05.2023: Digital Systems Engineering Process Model

Join us for an exciting event exploring the world of Systems Engineering and its vital role in engineering successful systems. Systems Engineering relies on a set of 30 system life cycle processes, which act as a template for organizations to engineer systems.

These processes are described in detail in two sources, the ISO 15288:2015 and the INCOSE handbook v4, both of which embody the expertise of professionals from diverse industries. Join us for an informative and engaging INCOSE webinar: Alexander Efremov will introduce the Digital Systems Engineering Process Model in the first part of this webinar. Further on, Gerben C. Th. Wierda will share his insights on the practical side of enterprise architecture as a discipline and provide a sneak peek at his book, "Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture". Finally, Phil Beauvoir will introduce the open-source Archi modelling tool used to create the product. This tool will help you improve your modelling skills, learn the ArchiMate® enterprise architecture modeling language, and get hands-on experience with our product right after the webinar.