Broadening the Reach of the MBSE Process Beyond the Systems Engineer - Introducing an Excel-based tool for knowledge sharing and collaboration through the Systems Model

Webinar Zielsetzung: Stärkung MBSE Einsatz
Referent:in: Paul Goossens
Position: Vice President of MBSE Solutions at Maplesoft
Beschreibung: In the context of Systems Engineering, Maplesoft has encountered significant resistance to adoption of model-based systems engineering methodologies in large engineering projects. Team managers are challenged with encouraging all stakeholders to collaborate with the Systems Engineer to develop a comprehensive “authoritative source of truth”. Typically, this is a very ad-hoc process, involving documents, spreadsheets, emails etc., and frequent design-review meetings, and requires the SE to interpret the information in order to populate the systems model. This can lead to misinterpretations and introduce erroneous data, causing problems later in the process that can be extremely costly to fix, disrupting the project schedule, and eroding confidence in the process. If you are a Systems Engineer or Engineering Lead encountering these kinds of challenges, this session with Maplesoft will demonstrate an approach to addressing them by allowing all stakeholders to access the system model directly, through a familiar user interface in Excel. By providing a powerful technology that generates task-specific views into the systems model, serving up the relevant information in spreadsheet form, non-SE stakeholders can then directly contribute to the model by adding their information through Excel for others to share, review, comment, and utilize. This approach has been proven to accelerate the systems engineering process by simplifying information-entry, reducing the risk of errors for all stakeholders, and increasing engagement with the process, thereby facilitating design collaboration across the enterprise.
Weiterführende Information:
Datum: 24.03.2021 17:00
Chapter: GfSE, German Chapter of INCOSE
Sprache: EN