Model-based Systems Engineering Demystified Deploying MBSE (Part Three)

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Webinar Zielsetzung: Stärkung MBSE Einsatz
Referent:in: Prof. Jon Holt
Position: Director and consultant for Scarecrow Consultants
Beschreibung: Continuing the presentation series Prof Jon Holt will build on the concepts of complexity presented in his 1st talk, in which Jon discussed how MBSE is a natural evolution of document-based Systems Engineering. In his 2nd talk Jon will present and introduce the main considerations that must be addressed for successful MBSE implementation and adoption. This is summarized and encapsulated in ‘MBSE in a slide’. This talk will not only introduce the main concepts, but will also dismiss many of the myths associated with MBSE, such as ‘MBSE is all about SysML’, ‘MBSE adds a large overhead to system development’ and that ‘all models are wrong’ amongst others. Topics covered will include: the system, models, notations, tools, frameworks, and compliance. Jon has 30 years’ experience in using and deploying MBSE in industry and ‘MBSE in a slide’ represents a summary of everything that he has learned in this period, which is either an indication of brilliant abstraction, or a shocking indictment on how little has been achieved in the last three decades.
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Datum: 26.05.2022 17:00
Chapter: Joint GfSE INCOSE
Sprache: EN