STPA meets MBSE: Combining System-Theoretic Safety and Development Approaches

Webinar Zielsetzung: Stärkung MBSE Einsatz
Referent:in: Alexander Ahlbrecht
Position: Scientific associate at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in the institute of flight systems
Beschreibung: Emerging segments in safety-critical domains are introducing novel challenges into today’s development approaches. Complexity increase, harsh time-to-market requirements, and evolving failure causes are only an excerpt of the multiple challenges that need to be dealt with. To address these challenges, system-theoretic approaches build a promising foundation. On the development side, Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) provides a way to systematically develop complex systems using a centralized system model. Simultaneously, the System-Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) demonstrates how system-theory concepts can be applied to ensure safety and security for nowadays cyber-physical systems. Additionally, the semi-formal basis of these model-based approaches enables automatic assistance through formal methods. Considering these factors, a combination of MBSE, STPA, and formal methods can be a fruitful approach to deal with the challenges of today’s system developments. Moreover, a model-based integration is efficiently possible, due to the similar system-theoretic nature of STPA and MBSE. Hence, in this talk, an exemplary approach combining STPA, MBSE, and formal methods will be presented. More precisely, it will be shown how a formalized version of the STPA can be integrated and used within the Systems Modeling Language (SysML). Practical examples are provided to discuss potential advantages, limitations, and prospects of the holistic approach.
Weiterführende Information:
Datum: 22.06.2022 17:00
Chapter: GfSE, German Chapter of INCOSE
Sprache: EN