Linking Requirements Engineering and Design in Agile Projects – where Teamwork meets Fun in day-to-day Project Activities

Webinar Zielsetzung: Stärkung Methoden Einsatz
Referent:in: Janika Pelz
Position: NTTData Feature Team Lead
Beschreibung: The goal of software development projects is to deliver a digital product to the client and end users that meets their expectations, needs, and goals. A symbiosis of Requirements Engineering and Design in agile frontend development helps to design a product that fulfills the business requirements, is technically and financially feasible and at the same time convinces the user with an outstanding user experience. But what exactly does an efficient dovetailing of Design activities with those of Requirements Engineering look like when these are handled by experts with different backgrounds and perspectives? How do we not just manage, but benefit from this diversity? Our experience shows that in many projects there is often either an imbalance between Requirements Engineering and Design or that the representatives of both disciplines are afraid of contact. In this webinar, we will pass on our experience in linking Requirements Engineering and Design in agile projects to the audience and underpin this approach with examples from everyday project work. You will see that the collaboration of requirements engineers and designers is not an obstacle to overcome, but the basis for successful and engaging projects.Take-Away Messages* See how bringing Requirements Engineers and Designers together can be fun* Understand what each discipline brings to the table for a successful product* Get an insight of real projects and understand how the user experience will improve
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Datum: 10.08.2022 17:00
Chapter: Joint GfSE INCOSE
Sprache: EN