Digital Systems Engineering Process Model

Webinar Zielsetzung: Stärkung SE Befähigung
Referent:in: Alexander Efremov
Position: Alexander Efremov is a consulting engineer at MHP Management- and IT-Beratung GmbH
Beschreibung: Join us for an exciting event exploring the world of Systems Engineering and its vital role in engineering successful systems. Systems Engineering relies on a set of 30 system life cycle processes, which act as a template for organizations to engineer systems. These processes are described in detail in two sources, the ISO 15288:2015 and the INCOSE handbook v4, both of which embody the expertise of professionals from diverse industries. These processes are some sort of a template for an enterprise which develops systems. And – as every template – it must be tailored to the reality before application. Tailoring these processes to meet organizational and product needs requires an in-depth understanding of their contents, including concepts, relations between them, and their meaning. However, with a 300-page book, it can be challenging to answer important questions such as how processes "architecture definition" and "design" are related or what processes use the artifact "life cycle concepts". This webinar will introduce a new INCOSE Technical Product for enterprise systems engineering that addresses this need. Our product, called the Digital Systems Engineering Process Model, offers clear, interactive access to all aspects of the systems engineering life cycle processes, providing a template that you can use for model-based systems engineering of enterprises. Take-Away Message • The Digital Systems Engineering Process Model, a new INCOSE product, is now available. • The product offers an interactive handbook with easily accessible information on systems engineering life cycle processes, their inputs, and outputs. • The product serves as a template for model-based enterprise engineering and can be used in any modeling tool of your choice.
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Datum: 03.05.2023 20:34
Chapter: Joint GfSE INCOSE
Sprache: EN