Solving complex problems is one of the most urgently required skills in our current time. As technologies become more advanced, the possible solutions created by them become more and more complex to understand, design for and successfully implement. This can be seen across multiple industries and is causing significant front line issues to reliability, maintenance, project cost, product performance and overall schedules.

In this one-day course a systematic methodological process for applying to technical complex problem solving shall be taught. Each stage of the process shall be expanded to include real-world examples in addition to various approaches for tailoring and applying the process. The course includes a moderated group workshop where a modern day example shall be worked through.

In addition, an evening meal with the course presenter is included in the fees.


Datum Freitag 10.11.2023
Ende Freitag 10.11.2023
Anbieter SE-Training GmbH
Kostenpflichtig Ja (10% discount for INCOSE members)
Ort Zürich, Switzerland