Systems Engineering Vision 2020, Version 2.0 forecasts the state of practice for the field of systems engineering with near-term and far-term horizons of approximately five and 15 years, respectively. When matured, Systems Engineering Vision 2020 is intended to be the authoritative source of a shared vision for the global systems engineering community and other interested stakeholders.

In leading the development of the Systems Engineering Vision, INCOSE is defining a 15-year view of the evolution of the systems engineering discipline. It addresses the future systems engineering environment, systems architecting, systems development, systems management systems engineering standards, and systems engineering education and research. In identifying the key capabilities required for the effective and competitive practice of systems engineering, this vision will help establish priorities for research in the system's domain.

The vision focus on the following areas:

    • Future Systems
    • Public Systems
    • Model-Based SE
    • Global Systems Engineering Environment
    • Process Evolution
    • Human Roles
    • SE Education

Model-based systems engineering is the formalized application of modeling to support system requirements, design, analysis, verification, and validation, beginning in the conceptual design phase and continuing throughout development and later life cycle phases. MBSE is expected to play an increasing role in the practice of systems engineering over the next several years.

It was initiated at INCOSE 2007 International Workshop (IW) to promote MBSE and is considered part of the INCOSE MBSE Initiative.

INCOSE's IW is the event of the year for systems engineers to contribute to the state of the art. There are no paper or panel presentations.

Instead, attendees spend 4 days immersed in working sessions and contribute their knowledge and experience to take the discipline forward

The purpose of the MBSE challenge is to:

  • Demonstrate solution to "Challenging" problems using MBSE
    • real-world problem domain
    • non-trivial, broad application
    • shareable (e.g., unclassified, non-proprietary)
  • Expect multiple MBSE Challenge Teams focused in different application domains (Telescope MBSE Challenge Team)
  • Share insights, issues, and codification of MBSE practices
  • Promote wider usage of MBSE
  • Solve real-world problems
  • Attract resources to advance the MBSE practice
  • Foster collaboration among and across domains